marine hydraulic systems & Sailing performance analytics

The Michael Polanyi College at Universidad Francisco Marroquin is a 4 year liberal arts program which allows students to design their education and explore their interests. The first year is known as bookcamp and consists of Socratic dialogues around the great texts. The second through fourth years are known as the fellowship, and this is where students design their courses and work with mentors to develop the skillsets needed for their area of interest. The program culminates in what is known as the Great Work, which is a project in which the student defends their concentration and proves everything they learned in the four years.

I knew I wanted to steer the direction of my degree towards sailing since before I applied to the program, but it took many designs and re-designs before getting to its final form. The experiences I went through while studying helped shape what I wanted to do and in turn that helped shape the way my degree was constructed. It is a program that allowed me to sail and work while studying full time, in which all areas complemented each other and aligned themselves with my statement of purpose.


first Year

1st Semester






Trivium II


Ethics of Freedom

2nd Semester






Trivium I

Economic Process I

Second Year

1st Semester

Sailboat Systems Optimization and Splicing

Fibreglass Repairing and Construction

Data Analysis for Decision Making

Data Science I

Experiential Learning I

Economic Process II

2nd Semester

Naval Architecture and Design

Hydraulic Engineering in Sailboats

Drivetrain and Winch Systems in Sailboats

Data Science II with Data Analytics

Experiential Learning II

Liberty in Action I: Solar Panels in Guatemala

Hayek's Philosophy

Third Year

1st Semester

Feynman Lectures on Physics

Intensive Calculus, Linear Algebra & Differential Equations

Mechatronic Engineering in Electronic Navigational Equipment

Introduction to Meteorology

Electronically Driven Hydraulic Components in Sailboats

Analysis of Hydraulic Components in Sailing Performance with Pi Toolbox

Experiential Learning III

Liberty in Action II: Tourism and Economic Diversity

2nd Semester

Mechanically Driven Hydraulic Components in Sailboats

Fundamentals of Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Navier-Stokes Equations for Viscous Flows

Structure of Materials

Experiential Learning IV

fourth Year

1st Semester

Potential Flows & Boundary Layers


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Experiential Learning V

2nd Semester

Public Speech and Writing

Hydraulic Systems Design

Experiential Learning VI

Great Work

To be determined