About Me

I am Guatemalan sailor, a hydraulic engineer, and a full-time university student.


My Story

I have always been very active, as a kid I played just about every sport I came across, but my real passion always lied in watersports. I learned how to waterski when I was four, how to wakeboard when I was five, and how to foil when I was seven. I decided I wanted to be a professional wakeboarder when I was ten and I worked towards that dream every day for the next six years.


I picked up kiteboarding as a hobby along the way when I was around 12. I was introduced to the local sailing community through it and started sailing when I was 15. I let go of my dream to become a professional wakeboarder when I was 16, after winning the Central American and Caribbean Games, to start sailing Nacra 17 and pursue my Olympic dream. I campaigned for the Tokyo Olympics when I was 17, and although we didn’t qualify, it was an experience that shaped me as a person and as an athlete. I enrolled at a liberal arts program when I was 18 with the purpose of widening my skills to become the best sailor I could, for I knew Olympic class sailing was only going to take me so far. I was 19 when I was selected to be the bowman for the Guatemalan SSL Team and when I started interning for SailGP.

I am currently still in college, preparing for the upcoming SSL Gold Cup and working part-time with SailGP as a hydraulic engineer.


work experience

2021 - Current (Part-time)

Hydraulic Engineer


2015 - 2021 (Part-time)

Community Manager and Website Designer


2018 (Summer Internship)

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Beechcraft Guatemala

2015 - 2018 (Summer Job)

Wakeboard Coach

Laguna Wake Park

Educational Background


Panamerican Business School

Certification in the Integral Development of an Athlete


Universidad Panamericana

Certification in Assertive Communication, Protocol, Entrepreneurship and Finances

2019 - 2021

Universidad Europea del Atlantico

Specialization in Strategic Management

2021 - 2022


Professional Certificate in Data Science